Macbun yoga and wellness is based at pink city Jaipur (Rajasthan) and giving services on PAN India.

we believes in holistic health of people. For that one needs to be fit by body, mind and soul. Every individual is different in terms of power, flexibility, alignment, endurance, mindset, heredity, medical history etc. So, yoga solutions applicable to one candidate can’t be equally beneficial to other. So firstly, we understand overall personality of an individual, then we design yoga program for him so that results can be better, more effective and faster.

We are open to follow techniques and path devised by Hathyoga texts (Hath pardipika, gherandsamhita, sivasamhita), Patanjali yoga sutra, Iyenger yoga or any other too as per the requirements.

We have different kinds of yoga program i.e. one day ,7 days, 15 days, one month, three month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year program as per the availability and suitability. As we have empanelled more than 100 yoga instructors throughout the India, we can deliver yoga programs at all prominent cities of India.

Jaipur cycle club is also a brand of macbun yoga and wellness.

Dr. Narendra Sharma is Co-founder and director of this company who has earned Ph.D, P.G. Diploma in Yoga, B.Sc., and MBA. He has 21 years of experience with
corporate and academic institutions. He has won and participated in various international, national and state level yoga championship. He has organised and
participated in many international & national conferences, seminars and workshop and published research papers too in their proceedings. His research
papers have been published in various referred international & national journals.

He is associated as Sr Consultant and trainer too with Macbun Management Consultants P Limited.

Your life of Yoga


Macbun Yoga & Wellness

In other way, we define Yoga as tourism which takes you towards new journey every day which is full of excitement and freshness. Through yoga your body, mind and breath are its three vehicles for road, water and sky respectively for traveling all across this universe.

Take a look at the amazing features & ask yourself the question?

– We have yoga program for everyone everywhere which is most suitable to your body, mind & soul.
– We have yoga instructors available in all leading cities.
To make yourself healthy & happy by body, mind & soul all the time.

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Why Macbun Yoga & Wellness?


Scientific, pragmatic & research oriented approach

Whatever the method of Yoga to be followed for an individual, we believe we need to understand the science behind applying it & getting successful & appropriate results.


Every individual is different personality thus his program (as a path) needs to be unique. Of-course, destination & goal of yoga is same for all in all times i.e. achieving never-ending happiness (eternal-bliss) finally.

Easy connect of traditional yogic methods with contemporary life

We understand the challenges of modern life due to IT, relationships, nature of jobs, life styles, society and available time & space. So, how to accommodate traditional yogic methods naturally & happily in people’s life is our expertise.

Creative & most complete yoga with macbun yoga & wellness

At Macbun Yoga & Wellness, Yoga becomes part of your daily life 24/7/365 as you enjoy your complete day with yoga effect (before & after session too). We focus on body for achieving healthy body on one side and pleasant/happy/cool mind to cope up with all kinds of predictable & non predictable circumstances occurring throughout the dayAs a result your eating & drinking, sleeping, postural formation, appropriate breathing & spending quality time (with everything & everyone) habits starts improving. . It all helps you to achieve blissful soul.